Spirit to Sparkle

Recipes, Activities, & Inspiration for Vibrant Living

Meet Jess

A few years ago, I was temporarily diagnosed (and then “undiagnosed”) with an autoimmune disease, which are prevalent in my family.  Having developed lactose-intolerance as a teenager, I had already been experimenting with my diet for a few years, and this alteration in my health made my search for my balanced meal all the more important.

Vitality, sadly, is something many people today lack, content to just “get by” day to day, stuck in survival mode and maybe not even recognizing it.

I’m looking for something more–something that gives a spark to my life. The people who share this diet and their personal stories are really empowering. You can see their vitality–happiness, energy, compassion–like sunshine on their faces. I’d like to feel that way, too.

It all comes down to compassion.

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